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مُساهمةموضوع: قصص قصيرة باللغة الإنجليزية للمبتدئيين   السبت يناير 03, 2009 3:31 pm

القصة الأولى

a smart motherhave
this is tasha.she has six pupies.tasha lives with gray.gray lives in claifornia.
It is raining in is raining hard.water is in the streets. Water is in the houses.
Water is coming into gray's house.he runs to his car with his clothes.he runs to his car with his books.he runs to his car with his tv.
Oh,no! Tasha and her puppies!they are in the yard!
Gray runs to the yard.the water is two feet1 deep.where is tasha? There she is!she is swimming .where are the puppies?there they are!they are in the food bowl.
It is tasha's food bowl.tasha is pushing the bowl with her nose.
The puppies a smart mother.


القصة الثانية

jack and ann are married. They are not happy togther. Why not?
They are very different. Jack smokes.ann doesn't smoke.
Jack like to watch baseball on tv. Ann doesn't like baseball. Ann like loud music. Jack doesn't like loud music. Jack snores at night. Ann can't sleep.
One day, ann looks at the house next door.
It is for sale. Ann buys the house and moves in.
Now ann lives in the house next to jack. In his house, jack can watch baseball on tv.he can smoke. He can snore.
In her house, ann can listen to loud music. She can sleep.
Now jack and ann are married and happy.


القصة الثالثة

brain is three years old. He is with his mother. They are at the zoo. They are going to see the gorillas. Brain runs to the gorillas. He claimbs a fence. He falls. He fall 18 feet 1. He is on the ground. He doesn't move.
Brain is with the gorillas now. Seven gorillas walk to him. One gorilla is a mother. Her name is binti. She has her baby on her back. Binti picks up brain. Shew carries him to a door. She stands at the door.
She holds brain. She pats brain on the back. Binti is a good mother. A man comes to the door. Binti gives brain to the man. Brain goes to the hospital.he has a broken arm, but he is ok.
Brain's mother is happy."thank you, binti" she says.


القصة الرابعة

mr. And mrs. Zimmer are in a van with their three children. They are driving from california to oregon. It is late at night.
Mr. Zimmer is in the front seat. He is driving the van. Mrs. Zimmer and the children are in the back seats. They are sleeping. Mr. Zimmer is hungry. He stops at a fast food resturant. He goes into the resturant. Mrs. Wakes up. She is hungry, too. She goes into the resturant.
Mr. Zimmer walks out of the resturant. Mr. Zimmer doesn't see his wife. Mr. Zimmer drives away in the van he drives all night. In the morning, mr. Zimmer and the children are in oregon.they get out of the van. "where's your mam?" mr. Zimmer asks the children. "we don't konw" the children say. Where is mrs. Zimmer? She is at the resturant in california

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